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Nicergoline Sermion tablets

Brain supplement that enhances mental clarity, perception and concentration

Nicergoline is a smart drug that's been around for over 30 years, but its effectiveness has been emerging over time in improving mental clarity and vigilance

Made in Europe
Shipped from Hong Kong

50 × 10mg tablets - discontinued product

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Improves blood flow to the brain

Nicergoline is used to treat senile dementia, including Alzheimer's, by increasing blood flow to the brain. This better blood flow to the brain improves the use of glucose and oxygen. The result of these Nicergoline actions is better concentration, improved mental clarity and perception. It's one of nootropic drugs.

Nicergoline also inhibits blood platelet aggregation. Clumping together, platelets lead to formation of blood clots. In animal studies, Nicergoline also increased nerve growth in the aged brain.

Prevent macular degeneration

Known under brand name Sermion®, Nicergoline is also helpful for the prevention of macular degeneration. This is a common aging eyes problem, more often experienced by the diabetics. A hardening of the blood vessels walls in retina leads to blood supply problems. This causes damage to the retina, leading to potential macular degeneration and blindness.

By improving blood flow to the eyes, Nicergoline helps with the prevention of macular degeneration. (As a replacement product for aging eye problems, see Can-C eye drops and Can-C Plus capsules.

Other brand names of Nicergoline are: Cebran®, Ergolin®,  Neugen®, Nicergolyn®. It chemically resembles Hydergine, but its actions are somewhat different. While Hydergine extends person's mental workload, Nicergoline improves one's mental clarity and concentration.

How to buy Nicergoline capsules
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 Nicergoline is available in 50 x 10mg capsules pack size
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Nicergoline dosage:
If treating senile dementia, take as many as 3 to 6 capsules daily. For prevention of blood disorders and macular degeneration, take one half or one full tablet, one to three times daily. As with other nootropics, it's recommended to take occasional breaks from Nicergoline, one week per month, or 2 days per week.

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