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Ovagen Bioregulator

Ovagen Liver and Gastrointestinal Tract Bioregulator, 20 capsules

Ovagen bioregulator is a peptide complex designed for liver and gastrointestinal tract, to normalize their health and functionality.

20 capsules

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Liver and Gastrointestinal Tract Bioregulator

Ovagen is a peptide bioregulator for liver and gastrointestinal tract. It helps to normalize the function of the liver and gastrointestinal health, which improves metabolism.

The benefits of Ovagen Bioregulator include:

  • improves the liver function 
  • alleviates gastrointestinal problems
  • reduces risk of self-inflicted liver diseases
  • better metabolism contributes to health
  • no adverse side effects

What are Bioregulators?

Discovered by Russians in the cold war era, peptide bioregulators represent a major breakthrough in how the human body functions. They found that each specific organ, tissue and gland in the body uses a certain short chain peptide. This peptide interacts with particular strands of DNA, to repair and regenerate its organ, tissue or gland involved.

Essentially, a peptide is a small biological molecule, that contains two or more amino acids. Peptides are similar to proteins, but smaller. While proteins usually have more than 50 amino acids, peptides have less than 50. Being smaller, peptides can enter the blood through the stomach, to initiate protein synthesis, being easily absorbed by the digestive system.

How to buy Ovagen Bioregulator
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 Ovagen Bioregulator is available in 20 capsules pack size
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Ovagen Bioregulator dosage

Take one or two capsules of Ovagen once or twice daily, 30 minutes before meals. This should be done for one month only. Then repeat the same process every 4-6 months. See more detailed instructions included with the package and consult with your health professional.

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