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Oxalo-Pro Capsules

Oxaloacetate Oxalo-Pro, 30 × 100mg capsules

Jumpstart your metabolism with Oxalo-Pro Oxaloacetate, for more vitality and better metabolism

Formulated from Oxaloacetate, Oxalo-Pro is essential for metabolic processes, promoting better vitality, natural weight loss, and lower blood pressure

Made in USA - Shipped from Hong Kong

30 × 100mg capsules - safe for vegetarians

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Antiaging and energy supplement

Oxaloacetate is also known as Oxaloacetic Acid or OAA. This is an essential compound for metabolic processes, not only for humans, but for nearly all life on earth. Put simply, it helps generate energy for life, without which our bodies wouldn't function.

This is done via Krebs cycle, which is a series of ongoing chemical reactions by which all aerobic life creates energy from the nutrients they consume. In other words, this cycle (also known as the citric acid cycle) breaks down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy. This energy is then used for powering our bodies.

Benefits of Oxalo-Pro

Oxaloacetate offers a number of benefits to our bodies, including:

  • increasing metabolism rate
  • keeping blood pressure low
  • promoting natural weight loss
  • supporting greater vitality
  • boosting long lifespan chances
  • and more...

How to buy Oxaloacetate Oxalo-Pro capsules
 Click on the product image or 'buy it now' button to purchase it online, via a secure 'https' page for buying this product
 Oxaloacetate Oxalo-Pro is available in packs of 30× 100mg capsules
 The above purchase price is in the U.S. dollars

 PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex are accepted
 Standard and Trackable Airmail delivery available, in the USA and internationally

Oxalo-Pro use:
The Oxaloacetate Oxalo-Pro capsules should be taken as advised by your medical practicioner, or follow instructions included with the product.

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