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Peptide Bioregulators List

Developed by the Russians in the 1980s, peptides are designed to interact with particular DNA strands, repairing and regenerating the tissues targetted in the process. They are considered an alternative to stem cells, which cost less and can be taken orally. There are 21 peptide bioregulators on this list, each targetting a different body organ, gland or tissue, supporting proper functioning of those. For more details these products, go to Peptides main page, with product images, details, prices and purchasing options.

Main name Other names, brand names or description
Bonomarlot Bone marrow peptide, bones and haematopoietic system
Bonothyrk Parathyroid glands peptide, nervous and mascular system
Cerluten Brain peptide, the central nervous system function
Chelohart Heart peptide, cardiovascular system health and function
Chitomur Bladder peptide, health and the function of the bladder
Endoluten Pineal gland peptide, regulate sleep and neuro-endocrine
Glandokort Adrenal gland peptide, correct hormonal imbalances
Gotratix Muscles peptide, function and capacity of the muscles
Libidon Prostate peptide, increase male and female libido
Pielotax Kidneys peptide, regulate metabolism and urinary patterns
Sigumir Cartilage peptide, protect healthy joints and the bones
Stamakort Stomach peptide, digestive function and stomach health
Suprefort Pancreas peptide, reduce risk of diabetes and inflammation
Svetinorm Liver peptide, prevent liver diseases and hepatitis
Taxorest Lungs peptide, for lungs function and bronchial tree activity
Testoluten Testes peptide, protect the male reproductive system
Thyreogen Thyroid peptide, thyroid gland and metabolic disorders
Ventfort Blood vessels peptide, for vascular health and performance
Visoluten Retina peptide, prevent age-related eye disorders
Vladonix Thymus peptide, protect thymus gland and immune system
Zhenoluten Ovary peptide, protect female reproductive system

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