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Pregnenolone Preg-Pro bottle, 50 × 100mg capsules

Parent hormone that enhances mental alertness and memory

Pregnenolone is a key building block in the body's steroid hormone production, but it is actually a metabolite, the chemical chain molecule of human development

50 × 100mg capsules

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Starting point of all hormones

Pregnenolone is considered to be the starting point of all hormones, or a precursor or parent hormone. It's effective in enhancing mental awareness and improving memory. Pregnenolone is produced naturally by the body and like DHEA it's important for health and longevity.

Pregnenolone is particularly useful for reducing fatigue levels, alleviating stress and improving mood. Pregnenolone has also been successfully used to treat arthritis. A two months of continuous Pregnenolone use will determine its effectiveness.

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Pregnenolone dosage:

For anti-aging purposes, take 25mg or maximum 50mg doses. For arthritis, take one to three 100mg capsules daily. If treating senile dementia, suggested dosage is three to six 100mg capsules of Pregnenolone daily.

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