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Rapamune Rapamycin

Rapamune Rapamycin 100 × 1mg tablets

Rapamycin is a promising new anti-aging medicine, known to increase lifespan in mice, by preventing tumour growth

Rapamycin has been used in clinical trials for treating cancer, and as an immunosuppressant to help prevent rejection in organ transplants

100 × 1mg tablets

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An immunosuppressant

Rapamycin was originally discovered in soil samples from Easter Island, as a bacterial by-product. As Easter Island is locally known as Rapa Nui, hence the name of Rapamycin. Back in 2014, Novartis was looking to increase response to flu vaccines by people over 65. The drug they tested was a derivative of rapamycin and seemed to improve immune response in those tested, responding like a young person's immunity - more effectively.

It was discovered that this new compound, produced by soil bacteria native to Easter Island or Rapa Nui, could help the immune system in the elderly act younger. By discovering that it has many positive effects on the immune system, rapamycin-based drugs are already used in treating cancer and in organ transplants to suppress the immune system, preventing organ rejection.

mTOR inhibitor increases mice lifespan

Rapamycin inhibits protein called mTOR (mechanistic Target of Rapamycin). In laboratory experiments Rapamycin extended the lifespan of yeasts, worms and mice. It increased mice lifespan 9% in males and 13% in females.

Subsequently, Rapamycin was also tested on dogs on the University of Washington trials. After 10-week period, these showed an improved heart functionality in the dogs that were given this medicine.

The basic effects of Rapamycin seem to be able to counteract some of the effects of aging, which is what makes it a potential antiaging medicine. One of its positive effects is its ability to remove dead (senescent) cells from the body. These dead cells contribute to age-related pathology and loss of function. By removing them from the body, it improves its physiological function and extends longevity.

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Rapamycin Rapamune dosage:

Being a cutting-edge anti-aging medication, it's suggested to take it in very small dosages. Depending on the advice from your doctor, you should keep your dosages low. That would be 1mg to 5mg per week. See dosage instructions that come with the Rapamune pack.

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