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Reminyl Galantamine

Reminyl Galantamine box, 28 × 8mg capsules

Reminyl contains galantamine hydrobromide that slows down Alzheimer's symptoms

Reminyl is a brand name for Galantamine, which is used for battling the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and could even help with weight loss

28 × 8mg capsules
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Reduce Alzheimer's symptoms

Reminyl is a brand name for galantamine hydrobromide, which is a phytonutrient extracted from snowdrop plant. Also available under name of Galantamine, Reminyl supplement has been especially helpful in reducing Alzheimer's symptoms, to slow down its progress and prolong quality of life for the sufferers. This is especially helpful in the earls stages of the disease.

While Alzheimer's is still little understood and there possibly many causes of this disease, the focus in treating dementia is usually on its symptoms. By reducing their effects, the disease can be slowed down. This is where Reminyl Galantamine helps in a number of ways.

One of the effects of the old age, which seem to happen sooner with Alzheimer's, is the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh). This neurotransmitter controls muscles through nervous system. Reminyl inhibits the breakdown and improves ACh levels.

Galantamine protects memory

Furthermore, Galantamine also supports nicotinic receptor activity in the brain, which protects the memory function.

Unrelated to being helpful in treating early stages of Alzheimer's, Reminyl has been also showing some promise in alleviating depression and helping with weight loss.

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Reminyl Galantamine dosage:

Start by taking low doses of Reminyl, or as advised by your doctor. The usual starting dosage is 4mg, taken twice daily. Your doctor could increase your dosages every 4 weeks until you reach what's considered a suitable dose for you. The maximum dose is 12mg taken twice daily, that's reached in gradual increase, or as advised by your physician or pharmacist. There could be some serious side effects, so don't take Reminyl until you consult with your doctor. Please refer to enclosed information with the product.

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