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Sermorelin Serm-Pro bottle, 30ml liquid

A breakthrough in safely increasing Human Growth Hormone levels

Sermorelin Serm-Pro will help you get the benefits of human growth hormone the safe way, by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce and secrete HGH naturally

Made in USA
Shipped from Hong Kong

30ml 30mg liquid
Sale $39.99
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Supplementing HGH levels in the body

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally in our body, but its levels decline with age. Supplementing HGH or human growth hormone therapy are logical ways to bring up HGH to youthful levels. Higher human growth hormones levels result in many benefits to mind and body, including anti-aging benefits.

Unfortunately, growth hormone therapy and using HGH supplements can have many side effects when not properly monitored, or used in excessive quantities.

Sermorelin is a small peptide molecule stimulates the body to naturally produce human growth hormones, instead of adding them from external sources. This is what makes sermorelin the safe way to increase HGH.

By stimulating the pituary gland (near the base of the brain) to produce and secrete more human growth hormones, sermorelin preserves HGH levels, while at the same time avoiding excessive amounts flooding the system. This way sermorelin provides the benefits of higher HGH levels, without the negative effects that uncontrolled HGH supplementation can cause.

How to buy Sermorelin Serm-Pro liquid
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 Sermorelin is available in 30ml/30mg liquid pack sizes
 You can order one or more bottles of Sermorelin Serm-pro liquid
 Online purchase price is in US dollars

Sermorelin dosage:
Take a dropper full each evening. Hold the liquid under the tongue for 60 seconds (one minute) before swallowing.

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Sermorelin liquid

Sermorelin liquid

Serm-Pro liquid helps you increase your human growth hormone levels by stimulating pituary gland to secrete it naturally.

30ml 30mg liquid

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