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  • Buy health supplements at our online store. We stock a large selection of antiaging and longevity supplements, peptide bioregulators, skin care creams, thyroids, smart drugs and nootropics, and recently added HCG diet plan products.
  • A-Z lists of supplements provide you with a quick access to all of the supplements and products listed on this site, available to buy online.
  • Aip-health news of 7. February 2015 includes some information about liquid deprenyl and how it enhances dopamine levels.
  • Aip-health news of 27. January 2015 includes information about (then) new product PEO-Pro with Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Aip-health news of 20. January 2015 provides more information about new Peptide Bioregulators and Youth Gems skin creams.
  • Aip-health news of 13. January 2015 provides more information about Oxytocin Oxy-Pro nasal spray and Youth Gems skin creams.
  • Aip-health news of 20. December 2014 includes information about new blood test developed to detect Alzheimer's disease early on.
  • Aip-health news of 13. December 2014 includes information about the value of good sleep in assisting with weight loss.
  • Aip-health news of 15. February 2014 provides more information about Gamibetal Gabob, also known as Amino Butyric Acid, and Resveratrol Pro special offer.
  • Aip-health news of 28. January 2014 announces 3 products that are back in stock: TRH Abaris and Oxytocin spray and troches.
  • Aip-health news of 14. April 2011 provides information about new liquid Deprenyl Dep-Pro and how cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Aip-health news of 24. March 2010 provides an in-depth information about the importance of vitamins and minerals in your daily nutrition.
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  • Buy health supplements at our online store, including antiaging products, peptides, hormones and vitamins.
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