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Our health supplements special offerings change from time to time and may vary from day to day. Get timely updates about our Special Offers via our free newsletter. These are our current discounted prices on antiaging, health and vitamin supplements. Please note that some of the product prices are listed in British pounds - GBP or £ - as they are sold in a different online store. For your convenience, payments in this store are accepted in credit cards. Your credit card statement will show the equivalent in US dollars, or your own currency, depending on where you order from.

   SPECIAL OFFER - TRH Abaris - was $119, now $82.99 - SAVE $36
TRH Abaris

TRH Abaris

Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH) has been used to treat Thyroid problems because it increases thyroid function and subsequently Thyrotropin levels. These tend to decrease with age, slowing down metabolism. 20 × 5mg sublingual tablets, US $82.99 - more TRH info

  NEW - Blood Sugar Pro - Helps to stabilize blood glucose levels
Blood Sugar Pro

Blood Sugar Pro capsules

While there are many symptoms of diabetes mellitus, one of its effects is higher blood sugar levels, or blood glucose. Blood Sugar Pro is a new plant-based supplement that aids better blood glucose management. - 180 capsules, $49.99 - read more

  CLEARANCE SALE - close to EXPIRY DATE and other discounts


Aniracetam - HALF PRICE

One of the most potent smart drugs will help your boost your memory and mental clarity
- was $19.99 - SAVE $10

20 × 750mg caps.

buy Ani-Pro

DHEA 7-keto


As an active metabolite of DHEA, 7-keto is safe alternative that promotes energy and longevity
- was $34.99 - expiry date September 2019

60 × 100mg caps.

buy 7-keto DHEA

DHEA Pro 25

DHEA Pro 25

As an adrenal multi-functional hormone, DHEA Pro 25 provides a number of antiaging benefits
- was $17.49 - SAVE $7

60 × 25mg caps.

buy DHEA Pro 25


Minoxidil - SAVE $10

MinMax Pro is 15% Minoxidil topical alopecia spray that helps with hair growth
- was $49.99 - expiry date November 2019

60ml bottle spray

buy MinMax Pro

MSH-2 Pro

MSH-2 Pro - SAVE $20

MSH is melanocyte stimulating hormone helps you get tan without exposure to the sun
- was $49.99 - expiry date September 2019

5ml nasal spray

buy MSH2 Pro

Nal-Pro Naltrexone

Naltrexone Nal-Pro - SAVE $20

Low-dose Naltrexone capsules, an effective and proven treatment for multiple sclerosis
- was $39.99 - out of stock

30 × 4.5mg caps.

buy Naltrexone



As starting point of all hormones, Pregnenolone helps to improve mental alertness and memory
- was $19.49 - SAVE $9.50

50 × 100mg caps.

buy Preg-Pro


Sermorelin - HALF PRICE

Increase your human growth hormone levels in a safe way, by stimulating the pituary gland
- was $149.99 - expiry date January 2019

30ml liquid

buy Sermorelin

Sildenafil Pro

Sildenafil Pro - SAVE $5

Sildenafil Citrate tablets are used for treating erectile dysfunction in men
- was $19.99 - out of stock

10 × 100mg tablets

buy Sildenafil Pro

  SALE - discounted supplements and longevity products

4MU Pro

4MU Pro

This dietary supplement has been used as a detox agent and helps with prostate problems
- was $119.99 - SAVE $20

120 × 1000mg tabs.

buy 4MU Pro tablets



Available as Adra-Pro, this smart drug is known as memory and energy enhancer
- was $34.99 - SAVE $5

40 × 300mg caps.

buy Adrafinil


Agomelatine - HALF PRICE

Valdoxan is a unique anxiety and depression treatment, as a dopamine disinhibitor drug
- was $67.99 - expiry date September 2018

28 × 25mg tablets

buy Agomelatine



Centro-Pro is a smart drug or nootropic that fights memory problems and cognitive decline
- was $24.99 - SAVE $3.50

60 × 250mg capsules

buy Centro-Pro



Reduce your heavy metal burdens with this potent chelator and a cleansing supplement
- was $24.99 - SAVE $8

120 capsules

buy EDTA Pro



This psychostimulant drug is used in treating excess sleepiness and for better alertness
- was $59.99 - SAVE $10

30 × 100mg tablets

buy Moda Pro



Promising new antiaging medicine is used for treating cancer and as an immunosuppressant
- was $89.99 - SAVE $10

12 × 5mg tablets

buy Rapa Pro


ACF228 capsules

ACF228 capsules

This potent antioxidant supplement helps you defend against free radicals cell damage
- buy 3 packs or more and save $4.99 p/p

30 capsules

buy ACF228 capsules

Can C eye drops

Can-C eye drops

N-acetylcarnosine eye drops help with aging-eye disorders, including cataract treatment
- buy 3 and save 10%, or buy 6 and save 20%

2 × 5ml vials

buy Can-C eye drops

Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide Bioregulators

Peptides interact with particular DNA strands, to repair and regenerate the tissue
- buy 3 pax of same peptide and save $10 p/p

20 capsules each

from $59.99
buy Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide Bioregulators

Now you can purchase 60-capsule (3 packs) of same, or mix and match any 3 peptide packs
- save $10 p/pack for mix and match, or 60pax

60 capsules each

from $149.99
buy Peptide Bioregulators

  Special low-price offers

Bioclip Cuff monitor

Bioclip Cuff monitor

This blood pressure monitor can be used at home to also monitor your arterial stiffness
- new low price

1 monitor unit

buy Bioclip Cuff

Multi V45 Pro

Multi V45 Pro

These multivitamin capsules contain a blend of 45 vitamins and minerals in each capsule
- new low price

90 capsules

buy Multi V45 Pro capsules

Nano Zinc spray

Nano Zinc

Containing zinc, this spray offers a wide range of health benefits, including improved immunity
- new low price

15ml spray

buy Nano Zinc


ReConnect NADH

Based on NADH, CoQ10 and vitamin C, this supplement helps with chronic fatigue
- new low price

15 × 5mg tablets

buy ReConnect

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 5000iu

This high-strength vitamin D3 will help you keep your bones strong and healthy, for longer
- new low price

100 × 5000iu caps.

buy Vitamin D3 capsules

Can-C eye drops special offer

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Peptide bioregulators special offer 
buy any 3 bioregulators and save $9.99 p/p 

ACF228 capsules special offer 
ACF228 capsules 
$34.99 each

Can-C eye drops special offer 
Can-C eye drops
fight cataracts

4MU Pro tablets
4MU Pro
(was $199.99)
buy at low price

Multi V45 Pro
Multi V45 Pro
45 vitamins
and minerals

buy at low price