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Thymus Capsules

Thymus Thym-Uvocal capsules

Thym-Uvocal Thymus supplement is used to strengthen immunity, fight inflammation and effects of allergies

With over 13 thymic peptides, this is a highly effective Thymus supplement that provides a wide range of health benefits and useful treatments

Made in Europe
Shipped from United Kingdom

90 × 200mg capsules - discontinued product

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Strengthen your immunity

Thym-Uvocal supplement is of pharmaceutical quality manufactured in Germany. It contains all the necessary active peptides that are found in thymus gland. Unlike a singular synthetic thyroid that focuses on thymic peptide A, Thym-Uvocal has a complete range of 13 thymic peptides. This makes this Thymus supplement more effective.

Thymus Gland

A well-functioning thymus gland keeps the immune system working perfectly. But with age, the gland shrinks, resulting in a less effective immunity. Lack of good immunity makes the body more prone to infections and diseases.

The main function of the thymus gland is to produce the T-cells or Lymphocytes, which are the immunological cells. They defend the body from harm by recognizing and attacking foreign substances (bacteria, viruses, etc.). Their job is to recognize these and to send killer-cells to remove them.

Thymus benefits

By helping the thymus gland improve its function, Thymus supplement strengthens the immune system, thus helping the body against infections and diseases. Among its many beneficial actions, Thymus can help with the following:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • reduce inflammation and painful joints
  • help soothe rheumatoid arthritis
  • reduce the effects of allergies
  • improve general wellbeing

How to buy Thymus capsules
 Click on the product image or 'buy it now' button to purchase it online
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 Thymus is available in the packs of 90 × 200mg capsules
 You can order one or more packs of Thym-Uvocal caps
 The online purchase price is in US dollars

Thymus dosage:
Thym-Uvocal is considered to be more effective than singular synthetic thyroid because it better stimulates thymus gland output. Take one or two capsules three times a day. It's best to consult your own physician to determine your precise needs.

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