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TRH Abaris

TRH Abaris box, 20 × 5mg sublingual tablets

TRH hormone helps increase metabolism rate and promote weight loss

Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone - TRH, known under brand name Abaris, helps the thyroid gland produce thyrotropin, which helps the body use hormones effectively

20 × 5mg sublingual tablets

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Dr Walter Pierpaoli studies

TRH has a multitude of positive effects on the body. Studies carried out by Dr Walter Pierpaoli, the creator of this product, found that TRH can reverse age-related sexual decline and restore spermatogenesis. It can also help correct kidney and pancreatic dysfunction, and protect from cancer development. After 2-3 months of use, TRH can also significantly reduce fatty deposits.

Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone

TRH or Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone is actually not a hormone, even though it's called so in the name. It is actually a topic tripeptide, made from three amino acids, joined by peptide bonds. Hence the name of 'tripeptide'. These amino acids occur in the body naturally. So, TRH is actually a peptide hormone.

Weight loss treatment

This hormone affects nearly every bodily function, such as the heart rate, body temperature, growth, and metabolism. TRH supplement helps our bodies process glucose more efficiently, a process that declines with age. By helping the body process glucose more efficiently, our metabolism rate goes up, which in turn helps us better regulate body weight. So, TRH hormone is an effective weight loss treatment.

Corrects imbalances in the body

Dr Walter Pierpaoli, a famous researcher, Melatonin and anti-aging expert, has suggested that TRH is a master hormone that helps correct numerous imbalances in the body. TRH Abaris sublingual tablets are Dr Pierpaoli's own formula for this natural hormone.

How to buy TRH Abaris tablets
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TRH Abaris dosage:

It's not necessary to take TRH Abaris every day. It should be done in a cycle of 20 days on and 20 days off. Dr Pierpaoli suggests taking 1 or 2 tablets first thing in the morning - 5mg or 10mg of TRH. Do this for 20 days, then stop taking it for 20 days.

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