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In addition to adding new supplements to our range of products from time to time, we also add and update some of the existing information on this site. On this page you will find listed some of the recent updates in reverse chronological order - newer pages are listed first. The most recently added information reference can be found near the bottom of home page.

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Vitamin B17 Amygdalin

Vitamin B17 Amygdalin in store

Sometime known as Amygdalin or Laetrile, vitamin B17 is commonly obtained from apricot and almond seeds ot kernels. Our vitamin B17 formula contains 100mg of B17, available in packs of 40 tablets.

Modafinil tablets available again

Modafinil is back in store

Known as a psychostimulant drug, Modafinil is used in the treatment of daytime sleepiness, as well as for improving memory, vigilance, and one's mood, without side effects of other stimulants.

Pain-Pro for natural pain relief

Natural pain relief with Pain-Pro

Pain-Pro is PEA-based all-natural pain relief product that protects the cells and tissue against effects of inflammation. Pain-Pro caps are used for chornic pain and inflammation, and cold and flu.

Nitric Pro4

Product updates - Nitric-Pro4

Neo40 lozenges and Neo40 saliva strips are no longer available in the store. Instead, we have Nitric-Pro4 sachets, a cardiovascular health drink that releases Nitric Oxide into the blood, for heart health.

Health Benefits of Ordinary Foods

Health Benefits of Ordinary Foods

In his "101 Foods That Could Save Your Life" book, nutritionist David Grotto asserts that "functional" and ordinary foods possess health promoting substances and can prevent and fight diseases.

Special Offers

More Special Offers

Centrophenoxine, Idebenone, Aminoguanidine, SAMe Pro, Relax Pro are just a few of the new items added to our Clearance Sale. Many have been significantly discounted, some even at half price.

Remarkable Eye Drops

Remarkable Eye Drops

Can-C eye drops, based on N-acetylcarnosine, are remarkable eye drops that are helpful in treating senile eye cataracts, eye strain, dry eyes, diabetes' eye problems and other aging eye disorders.

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Health Supplements Info

Health Supplements Info

This 16-page guide to more improtant health supplements is now available to download, in PDF. The document has been updated in April 2018.

Antioxidants Table

Antioxidants Table

This is a one-page guide and quick reference for the best Health and Longevity antioxidants. The table is available as a handy jpg image, free to download.

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Can-C eye drops special offer 
Can-C eye drops
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Multi V45 Pro
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