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In addition to adding new supplements to our range of products from time to time, we also add and update some of the existing information on this site. On this page you will find listed some of the recent updates in reverse chronological order - newer pages are listed first. The most recently added information reference can be found near the bottom of home page.

  Recent posts and newly added products
Annuity Guides

Annuity Guides

Even before you get to your golden years age, you have to start planning your retirement. One of the best options is to purchase an annuity. But you have to be careful and well informed in order to avoid getting caught in scams.


Latest Range of Bioregulators

In addition to Russian peptide bioregulators range of 21 products, we have now added another small range of 6 natural bioregulators. This latest range gives you more choice for choosing the right bioregulator product for you.

Newsletter 2 February 2019

Should You Skip Breakfast?

While some people hope skipping breakfast helps them lose weight, the others believe eating breakfast increases rate of metabolism. It seems neither is right. See what the latest clinical trials' results show.

TA65 capsules 100 dose

TA65 capsules

We have added another telomerase activator supplement, this time in smaller package of 30 capsules, 100 dose. TA65 activates telomerase enzyme, which in turn lengthens DNA telomeres, to restore cell health and lengthen its life.

Can-C K9 eye drops

Can-C K9 Eye Drops

Just like humans, pet dogs, too, can suffer from various eye problems, affecting their vision. Based on the same Can-C eye drops formula, these lubricating eye drops are for use on your pet dog, to improve its vision.

Can-C Comfort Drops

Can-C Comfort Drops

N-Acetylcarnosine eye drops designed to be used for those who wear contact lens. They are based on one and only Can-C eye drops, this time to help contact lens users to wear them more comfortably and for longer.

Joint Pro 50ml cream

Joint Pro 50ml cream

Over the years we have changed and updated our joints healing products, ranging from capsules to cream. Our latest offer is 50ml JointPro cream, designed for relief of joints, tendons, cartilage and muscles.

Carnosine Lactic Pro

Carnosine Lactic Pro

Our Carnosine capsules package has changed and now features Lactic Pro L-Carnosine capsules. This supplement reduces lactic acid build up produced by the muscles during exercise, to improve muscle recovery.

COVID-19 note

COVID-19 Note

With the global coronovirus epidemic still causing many problems, some of our products deliveries have been affected. We are working as efficiently as we can to fulfil your orders on time. But some delays are innevitable.

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