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Vaso-Pro Vasopressin bottle, 5ml nasal spray

This nootropic nasal spray is effective for faster and better memory recall

Vasopressin supplement has the capacity to enhance cognitive speed, keep the mind sharp and improve mental clarity with people of all ages

Made in Europe
Shipped from Hong Kong

5ml liquid 500 IU bottle Vaso-Pro
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Vasopressin controls water balance in the body

Vasopressin is an all natural version of Desmopressin nasal spray. Produced naturally by our pituary gland, Vasopressin helps control the water balance in the body, which is why it's used to control bedwetting in children and to minimize nighttime bathroom trips in adults who have a prostate condition.

Vasopressin is also known to be a nootropic supplement. It has the capacity to enhance congnitive speed and power, irrespective of person's age. In other words, Vasopressin aids those wishing to attain better memory and a faster recall of known facts. The speed of the reaction is another positive of this natural product - a single spray only needs to be administered 15 minutes before the recall is required.

Increases production of the HGH

This particular all natural product is derived from porcine origins. As such it has a has a closer synthesis with the usual hormone production in the human body, where the hormone is produced by the body's pituary gland.

Vasopressin is also believed to increase production of the human growth hormone in the body, which is vital for restorative cell processes.

How to buy Vasopressin spray
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 Vasopressin is available in 5ml nasal spray size
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Vasopressin dosage:
Put one or two sprays into each nostril 15 minutes before a memory recall or concentration is required. It's easily absorbed by the membrane in the nostril and will act within seconds, lasting up to several hours. Do not take this health supplement before hard exercise or swimming, or before drinking lots of fluid or alcohol. This product should be avoided by those with cardiovascular problems, as Vasopressing is a vasoconstrictor.

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