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Vitamin D3 50,000 iu

Vitamin D3 capsules 50,000 iu

Very high-strength Vitamin D capsules, to protect strong and healthy bones

This very high strength vitamin D3 50,000 iu is crucial in protecting strong bones, especially important as we age and get less vitamin D via natural diet and sunlight

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

12 × 50,000 IU capsules
$24.99 - discontinued product

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Vitamin D3 50,000iu capsules are not available.
The replacement product is
Vitamin D3 5000iu capsules.
Vitamin D3 5000iu

Vitamin D3 5000iu

Replacing Vitamin D3 50,000 capsules are new vitamin D3 5000iu capsules, for maintaining your health and wellbeing, and strong bones.

100 × 5000iu caps.

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Strong and healthy bones with vitamin D

It's well know that vitamin D plays the key role in maintaining strong and healthy bones. Vitamin D levels in the body tend to decline with age. As a result the elderly people, women in particular, suffer from frail bones, which can easily fracture.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, during winter time, your vitamin D levels are probably low, owing to less sunlight. The days are short and in winter time your skin certainly gets much less sun exposure. Sunlight on skin is the key element in production of vitamin D in the body.

We get vitamin supplementation from different food sources. Vitamin D is found in fish oils, eggs, milk, and breakfast cereals. But your vitamin D intake has to be boosted by daily exposure to sunlight. This unfortunately is sometime inadequate, especially for those people who are more house-bound.

Boost your vitamin D levels with D3

Vitamin D3 50,000 iu has been designed to boost your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is vital for many essential bodily functions, especially the absorption of calcium and phosporous. These two minerals help maintain strong and healthy bones. Some of the more recent research also suggests that vitamin D might have anti-inflammatory effects in the body, fending off arthritis.

As we age our body doesn't produce enough vitamin D. This is especially a problem with elderly women, who often end up with frail bones, who are easily fractured.

This very high strength formula provides an excellent supplementary source of pure vitamin D3. Each capsule contains 50,000 iu (international units) of the vitamin, which is:

1. Soluble - Although D3 vitamin is itself fat-soluble, D3 capsules are water soluble and will disolve in cold water.

2. Stable - Many vitamins are normally prone to degradation due to oxidation. However, D3 capsules, spray-dried with coating materails, are exceedingly stable.

3. Potent - These vitamin D3 capsules provide much higher levels of vitamin D3 than you would get from foods or oils, or even cod liver oil softgels.

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 Vitamin D3 is also available in 12 × 50,000iu bottle capsules

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Vitamin D3 dosage:
Please note that these are very high strength vitamin D capsules. Get your doctor or physician to take a blood test to determine if there is too little or too much of vitamind D in your body. Then you can determine the correct dosage of vitamin D3 supplement that you might need.

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