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Youth Gems®

Peptide complex skin creams and lotions

Youth Gems® are our new range of topical skin creams, which contains peptide complex. These beauty products are specifically developed for skin care - for the face, neck, hands and the body. These preparations are based on peptides, designed for the field of aesthetic medicine and skin care. All online purchases are done via HTTPS secure pages. All products prices below are in US dollars

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Body Milk
Youth Gems Body Milk
Smooth skin

more info on Body Milk
Day Cream
Youth Gems Day Cream
Face and hands

more info on Day Cream
Eye Contour Gel
Youth Gems Eye Contour Gel
Skin elasticity

more info on Eye Contour Gel
Face Mask
Youth Gems Face Mask
Skin protection

more info on Face Mask
Night Cream
Youth Gems Night Cream
Skin texture
more info on Night Cream
Youth Gems Serum
Eyes and mouth
more info on Serum
Youth Gems Tonic
Skin cleanser
more info on Tonic

The above four skin creams contain the following four peptides, in differing amounts, a proprietary anti-oxidant complex Neovitin that includes ginseng and a number of additional ingredients to help maintain skin condition:

  • Ventfort - for improving blood flow 
  • Endoluten - for regulating the metabolic process and increasing protein synthesis in skin cells 
  • Vladonix - to stimulate tissue regeneration and synthesis of tissue specific proteins. It also has an anti-inflammatory action along with providing antioxidant and anti-stress actions 
  • Sigumir - to stimulate regeneration of fibrolasts and keratinocytes. 

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