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Youth Gems® Tonic

Youth Gems Tonic 200ml liquid bottle

Peptide complex for a more taught and firmer skin, with a pleasant smell

Skin cleanser to use to tighten the skin and as an after shave tonic that can also help to prevent spots and acne

200ml tonic liquid

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Tonic ingredients

This tonic contains the following ingredients:

- proprietary antioxidant ginseng extract Neovitin®
- four peptides, for cartilage, blood vessels, thymus and pineal glands
- other ingredients to help maintain good skin condition

Youth Gems tonic is used as a skin cleanser that will help your skin become firmer and more taught. The tonic is also used by men as an after shave tonic.

Tonic should be applied onto the clean and dry skin, avoiding eyes. If makeup is used, wait for the skin to absorb tonic, then apply makeup.

Peptide based skin care

Discovered by the St. Petersburg Biogerontology Institute in Russia by Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, short-chain peptide bioregulators act as as highly specific gene switches. They are used as basis to develop Peptide Biroregulators line of products.

But four of those peptide bioregulators have been combined in topica skin preparations for Youth Gems skin care products, including this Tonic.

They are:

  • Blood vessels peptide - regulates and strengthens vascular walls in the skin vessels 
  • Cartilage peptide - stimulate regeneration and strengthens collagen skin structure 
  • Pineal gland peptide - regulates metabolic processes and increase protein synthesis in skin cells 
  • Thymus gland peptide - stimulates tissue regeneration and improves healing via anti-inflammatory action 

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