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Foodsafe Kit

Foodsafe kit, blood test kit for food allergies

Food allergy blood test for different food groups that can be done at home

By measuring IgG4 antibody levels, this food allergy test kit can test up to 95 different foods from different food categories, via simple home blood test

one kit / 95 tests

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Food allergy test kit

Food allergies are a well recognized problem, which can cause a variety of symptoms and health problems, from simple headaches to much more serious consequences. While food allergies are commonly known, there are also food sensivity problems that are often overlooked or ignored. They too can cause adverse reactions to certain foods, with a wide range of symptoms that can occur within hours or even days after food intake.

Foodsafe kit is a diagnostic blood test that enables you to easily identify the foods that could cause sensitivity or allergy if ingested. With this knowledge, you can exclude them from your daily diet and reduce symptoms and problems that you might have been experiencing, associated with your nutrition.

Food categories

Different food categories that you can test for allergy with Foodsafe kit include:

  • chocolate 
  • dairy 
  • fish 
  • fruit 
  • grains 
  • honey 
  • meat 
  • nuts 
  • shellfish 
  • vegetables 
  • and others. 

How to buy Foodsafe kit
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Foodsafe kit usage:

These blood tests can be done at home, with a simple prick to the finger. Or, you can take it to the clinic and have your doctor preform the test.

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