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Oraltide-Pro gel

Oraltide Pro Intensive Repair Gel, 50g tube

Oraltide Pro intensive repair gel is the latest peptide technology product for dental care, for better gums and oral health

This unique intensive repair gel promotes growth of shrinking gums, stimulates enamel remineralization and it's perfect to use with Oraltide mouthwash

50g gel tube+ mouth tray applicator
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Intensive repair gel for dental care

Oraltide Pro intensive repair gel is the latest dental care product based on peptide technology. It places a strong emphasis on helping to repair receding gums and teeth enamel.

Like Oraltide Pro mouthwash, it contains two peptides for an improved oral care for your teeth and gums.

Oraltide Pro intensive repair gel provides the following oral health benefits:

  • helps with tooth enamel remineralization 
  • promotes growth of shrinking or receding gums 
  • prevents gum infections, such as gingivitis 
  • reduces bacteria growth in oral cavity 
  • fills slots in damaged teeth enamel 

This intensive repair gel also contains Xylitol, which is known to boost dental health and reduce gum inflammation.

How to buy Oraltide Pro repair gel
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 Oraltide-Pro repair gel is available in 50g gel tube size
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Oraltide-Pro repair gel use:

This intensive repair gel product has been designed to be used once a week, as a treatment for your teeth and gums. Full instructions are included in the Oraltide-Pro product pack, which includes mouth tray applicator.

  For your oral care and health
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Oraltide Pro gel

Oraltide Pro gel

This intesive repair gel is based on peptide technology, helping repair receding gums and tooth enamel.

50g gel tube

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Oraltide Pro

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