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Vielight Nasal LED

Vielight nasal LED unit, intransal light therapy

Intranasal laser therapy increases your nitric oxide levels for health and wellbeing

Developed by the Russians and refined by the Chinese, phototherapy promotes the right chemical activity in the bloodstream, for a profound therapeutic effect

1 unit intranasal LED

$ 199.95


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Intranasal light therapy

The dense network of capillaries around the sinus glands provide for a quick and easy access to the body's bloodstream, when you want to disperse cardiovascular benefits.

The phototherapy was developed by the Russians as an intravenous cannula, to help one maintain natural balance. Later it was refined by the Chinese, who discovered a more effective access to the body bloodstream via sinus glands through nostril.

The light therapy is used to improve overall health and wellbeing. It's simple to use, once a day for 25 minutes. By boosting the body's nitric oxide levels, it helps to regulate body's optimal conditions. This includes giving a boost to the immunity system and helping with insomnia, high blood pressure and low metabolism. It also acts as a potent antioxidant, by removing free radicals from the body.

How to buy Vielight Nasal LED
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 Vielight nasal laser is available as 1 unit intransal LED pack
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Vielight usage:

Intranasal light therapy should be done only once per day, with each treatment session to last 25 minutes. For convenience, it's best to do these sessions before bedtime, although they can be done at any time. After the session, the unit switches off automatically. Detailed instructions for using Vielight, including its care and cleaning, are included with each unit package.

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Vielight Nasal LED

Increase your nitric oxide levels with Vielight intranasal light therapy that helps to raise your nitroc oxide levels, for cardio health.

1 unit nasal LED

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